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So, originally The Mark was a one shot throw away story.  As I began to go further and further along with it I noticed that all my characters were acting like I needed them to act to best sort the interest of the plot.  While this was very convenient, I didn’t find it very convincing.  Who were these people, why were they acting this way, what was their motivation?  So, to answer that question I am currently in a character build stage, going through and mapping out each character from favorite color to shoe size.  When they make their reentry to the stage hopefully they will feel more like a real person and less like Plot Device 1A.

In addition to that, when your character is flat or automated there is no real potential for character growth.  I’m sure you could change they way they act some and call it growth, but it isn’t the same.  In order for a character to go somewhere they have to be coming from somewhere else.

It certainly is fascinating just how many little details go into the actual craft of writing.  When I first became serious about doing it, I sat down and started cranking out words.  Now, not even a year later, my entire perspective of what a story is and what writing is has changed dramatically.

Dot’s favorite color is green, if anyone was curious 😉


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