The Mark (Part 7)

New details emerge about the nature of the wedding arrangement, is the farm as safe as Dot believes?

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The Mark (Part 6)

Will a late night stroll lead Dorothia to reveal her true feelings?

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The Mark (Part 5)

Read on as dinner unfolds with new guests and old acquaintances.

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The Mark (Part 4)

The mystery guests are unveiled, see who has come to dine with the family this harvest evening and what implications that has.

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The Mark (Part 3)

Meet more of Dorothia’s family as they scramble to get ready for their guests.

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The Mark (Part 2)

The second part in the tale of young Dorothia, who has returned home to find herself in a bit of trouble…and a great surprise as well!

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The Mark (Part 1)

The first series posted on Pen Chronicles.  I originally wrote this piece as a stand alone super-short story; flash fiction, if you will.  My wife was curious to find out just what would happen to our intrepid heroine, so it looks like we are going to find out!

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